Eternity Logistics

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Eternity Logistics is an air co-loader which is headquartered in Shanghai and currently has branches in many economy centres in China, Korea, USA and Vietnam. Our Hanoi office serves air transportation as our core business. We can provide air co...

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Eternity Logistics

Eternity Logistics

Ref #13209 | 16-01-2023 13:13


Air Freight HAN - CSX

Nơi đi: Hanoi, Vietnam (HAN)
Nơi đến: Changsha, Hunan, China (CSX)
Cước: 25.971₫/KG
Hiệu lực đến: 31-01-2023
T/T: 1 Ngày
Ghi chú: - Rate for general cargo, carton package, from +500kg
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