Number of containers lost at sea increases by 400% in the period of 2020 - 2021

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The number of lost containers on board in the period 2020-2021 was increased four times compared to the previous two years.

One Apus docked in Kobe - Photo: Twitter @mrnkA4srnrA

According to data from the World Shipping Council (WSC), 3,133 containers were lost on board in the period 2020 - 2021 compared to 779 in the previous period, an increase of 400%.

WSC notes that winter 2020-2021 has an unusually high number of weather-related incidents. This period includes the severe incidents of the ONE Apus which lost 1,818 containers on a transpacific vessel in November 2020 and the Maersk Essen that lost 750 containers in January 2021.

Although shipboard losses account for less than 0.001% of the total 241 million containers annually, incidents can result in very expensive insurance claims. The claim covers not only cargo lost in dropped containers, but also covers costs if the incident occurs in environmentally sensitive areas, container damage and cargo remains on board and extended diversion to unload damaged cargo containers.

WSC says action has been taken to improve safety with the MARIN Top Tier Project to enhance container safety, with WSC and membership routes between the founding partners. It says early studies show a sudden and severe increase in rollovers.

John Butler, President & CEO said: “Container vessels are designed to transport containers safely and carriers operate with tight safety procedures, but when we see numbers going the wrong way, we need to make every effort to find out why and further increase safety.” of the WSC.

“The liner shipping industry’s goal remains to keep the loss of containers as close to zero as possible. We will continue to explore and implement measures to make that happen and welcome continued cooperation from governments and other stakeholders to accomplish this goal.”


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Source: Phaata.com (According to SeatradeMaritime)

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