Features and benefits Free Premium
Free 19.800.000 ₫
Create my e-Store Yes Yes
Posting Quick Services, HOT Services and introducing other logistics services Yes Yes
Be guided and supported to deploy the booth Yes Yes
Use the management tools feature Limit Yes
Brand promotion Limit Yes
Push bids to Top on Phaata Logistics Floor to increase views (*) Limit Yes
Priority to display post services Limit Yes
Receive quotation request from Shippers Limit Yes
Can see Namecard information of Shippers No Yes
Follow Shippers Limit Yes
Take the initiative to message the Shippers No Yes
Regularly supported to publish bids on Phaata Community (> 300K members) No Yes
Supported with consulting on Marketing & Sales development strategy No Yes
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Easily reach and grow with a large number of customers quickly and efficiently

Connect with thousands of Cargo Owners / Freight Forwarders easily and quickly!

Increase sales quickly and cost-effectively

Receive requests for quotes and booking from thousands of Cargo Owners/ Shippers quickly and cost-effectively.

Deploy marketing campaigns and build company brand effectively

Your company's information is transferred to the whole market quickly and efficiently