is the first International Logistics Exchange of Vietnam. We provides solutions to help connect and trade between shippers and logistics service providers made easier, faster and more cost-effective.
- For Shippers / Commodity owners / Import and export companies, we help:
1) Find good shipping / Logistics offers easily and quickly
2) Reduce logistics costs for businesses
3) Easily find the most reputable and suitable Logistics service provider
- For Forwarders / Logistics service providers, we help:
1) Easily and quickly reach many potential customers
2) Increase sales and save time / cost of sale
3) Easily and quickly deploy effective Marketing campaigns


"Becoming the No. 1 Logistics Marketplace in Vietnam"


"Phaata is committed to providing shippers and logistics service providers with solutions to make Logistics transactions easier, faster, more cost-effective and more efficient."



Teamwork helps Phaata do extraordinary things to always bring the community to better solutions, services and values.


In the modern world, things always change quickly, so Phaata must always be flexible, creative and ready to adapt to new conditions and challenges to survive and develop.


All members of Phaata must always be honest, honest in their conduct and in all dealings with partners and customers.


With the spirit of "nothing is impossible", Phaata is always dedicated and strives to the end to achieve the set goals.


To be fair to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Respect yourself, respect your colleagues, respect the company, respect customers and partners, and cooperate with respect.


Always respect, follow established standards and act ethically.


Comply with company laws, codes of conduct, regulations, policies and regulations.


Promoting the connection and successful, effective transactions in the Logistics industry between Shippers and Logistics service providers based on technology platform with perfect service quality is the guideline in all Phaata's activities.