The PHAATA Ltd. always respect our customers’ privacy. We are commitment to obey all laws of privacy/ information confidentiality.

We strictly follow the privacy regulations and under these following circulstances do we collect, store, file, reveal, transmit or use the private information of our customers.

Protecting the data is the matter of trust; therefore, customer information security is crucial to us. Hence, we just use Customers’ name and other relevant information in a cautious manner which is clearly stated this Policy of Information Security. Only in necessary situation do we collect your information and we only do that in case that information is relevant to our transactions.

We only store your information upon the law request or on data - colletion purpose.

The customers can get access to Transaction Board (as defined in the Regulations of Use) and the website without providing any private information. During the process of accessing the Transaction Board, it is not required that customers reveal any identity and at no time can we identify your identity apart from you have an account on Transaction Board or log in with your own account and password.

Phaata makes a commitment to obeying all current legislations of Private Information Security.

If you have any comments, recommendations or complaints, you can contact us (and our Private Information Security expert) via

Collecting personal information

When Customers create a Phaata account, or provide us with your personal information through Transaction Board, personal information we collect may consist of:

• Name

• Delivery address

• Email address

• Contact number

• Phone number

• Date of birth

• Gender

Customers need only send to us, our authorized agency or Transaction Board your exact information which does not cause any misunderstandings and you have to update your information and announcement about changes. (Please make a reference to these following regulations). We reserve the right of documentary request in order to validate the information provided by our valued customers.

Only when customers send your information to us voluntarily can we obtain your personal information. Unless you choose to send your information to us or if you cancel your permission for the usage of your personal information, we cannot provide you with our services. Customers can access and update your personal information which you provided us at any time as follow.

If Customers provide the personal information of any third party for us, we are supposed to be entitled the right to gain the necessary permssion from the third party to share and tranmit their information to us.

If Customers sign up on Phaata via your social network account, or link your Phaata account to your social network account, or use other social media of Phaata, we are allowed to get access to your information which is voluntarily provided by yourself, according to the legal policies of social network provider. Therefore, we manage your personal data that we collected, obeying the The Policy of Information Security.

Utilize and Reveal Personal Information

Personal information that we collected from customers will be used or shared with the 3rd party (including relevant companies, the 3rd party service providers and the 3rd party sellers) because of several or all following purposes:

• Facilitate the usage Customer services, as defined in The Conditions of Usage) and/ or the access to Transaction Board;

• Deal with customers’ orders of services via Transaction Board, excluding services offered by Phaata or business partners.

• Provide services that Customers bought via Transaction Board, excluding services offered by Phaata or business partners. We can transmit your personal information to the third party regarding to providing customers with services (such as express delivery, etc.)

• Update the lead time and supporting purposes for users.

• Compare and validate information with the 3rd party to ensure the information is accurate.

• Besides, we will use the information that is provided by yourself to manage your signed -up accounts (if any) ; to validate and conduct financial transactions related to your online payment; check downloading from Transaction Board; improve the organization and/ or the contents of Service Sales of Transaction Board and customize for users’need; identify the visitors to the Transaction Board; do research in population and consumers’ behaviors; provide customers with useful or required information, including the information of services from the sellers or the 3rd party, on the legal condition that customers are not against our contact due to these purposes;

• When customers sign up a new account on Phaata or provide us with your personal information via Transaction Board, we will use that personal information to send marketing materials and/or advertisements about our partners’ services. You can cancel your subscription of the marketing information at any time by using “Subscription cancellation” function in e-marketing email. We can utilize your contact information to send our own and our partners’ newsletters;

• In unexpected circumstances, Phaata may be required to reveal customers’ personal information such as when revealation is imperative to prevent a threat to people’s survival or health, or on legislation purpose, or to meet the legal demands and other regulations.

Phaata can share the personal information of customers with the 3rd party and our business partners for those mentioned purposes, especially to finish the transaction with the customers, to manage your accounts and our relationship with you, to promote and conduct any regulations and laws or other necessary requests. When sharing the information with those above partners, we manage to assure that those partners will secure and keep your information from illegal access, collection, usage, revelation or any similar risks. Your personal information is only stored in case it will be needed to achieve those mentioned purposes.

When we reveal or tranmit your personal information to the 3rd party and our business partners abroad, Phaata will take steps to ensure that the legislation there must protect the personal data in the same manner as the legal regulation of data protection.

Phaata does not sell the users’ personal information to the 3rd party.

Recall your permission

At any time, customers can make an announcement to disagree with the contious usage and /or revelation of your personal information for any puporses and under any forms as mentioned above, by have contact with us via the following email.

Please notice that on the condition that customers are against the usage and/or reveal your personal information for the purposes and manners mentioned above, it depends on the nature of your disapproval. We will not keep providing our products or services or conduct any contracts we have signed before. We are entitiled to have the legal rights and to take steps to deal with the problem in that circumstance.

Update Customers’ personal information

Customers can update the personal information at any time by accessing your account on the Phaata’s Transactioon Board. If customers do not have an account, you can Access by contact us at the above address. We will conduct all steps to share your updated personal information with the 3rd party and our branches that we have already shared your information on the condition that your personal information is still necessary for the mentioned purposes.

Access your personal information

If customers want to view your personal information that we have or ask about the way Phaata store, use or reaveal last year, please contact us via the mentioned above contact.We have the right to charge the file management fee to find the file of your personal information.

If customers have an account on Phaata, you can get Access to your order detail by logging in your account on Transaction Board. You can view your completed orders in detail, or the public information and provided information as well as management of your address, bank data and any registered information. You have made a commitment to keeping secret username, password and order details with Phaata or revealing that information to the 3rd party. We do not have any liabilty to wrongly used usernames, passwords or order detaills on Phaata, apart from conditions stated in the Regulations of Use.

Keep your personal information confidential.

• Phaata assure that all of the collected data will be safely stored and secured. We protect your personal information by:

• Limit the right to get Access to your personal information.

• Maintain technology products to prevent illegal access from PCs or laptops.

• Cancel your personal information safely when it is not necessary for any legal purposes or businesses.

Phaata use the coding tecnology 128- bit SSL (secure sockets layer) when processing your financial details. The 128-bit SSL coding technology is estimated that it must take one thousand billion years to destroy and is considered as the standard.

If you believe that your privacy is vilolated by Phaata, please contact us via the email below.

Your password is the key to your account. Please use numbers, letters and special characters, and do not share your password with others. You have to be responsible for all actions and consequences related to your username. If you lose the control of your password, you may lose the control over the majority of your personal information and other information sent to Phaata.

You may also take the responsibilities under the law. Therefore, if your account is stolen for any reasons or if you have the evidence that your account is illegally used, please contact us immediately and change your password. You will be reminded to log out your account and close all the browses when you finished tasks on a shared PC or laptop.

The young users

Phaata do not offer services to children. If customers are under 18, you can only use our website with your parents’ guarantee or other guarantors.

Collect PC data

Phaata or service provider is authorized to use cookies, web beacon and other similar Technologies to store the information and help customers to gain a better, safer and faster experience, as well as personalized services when customers use our services and get an Access to the Transaction Board.

When customers get access to Phaata, our main PC will save your browsing data automatically that you send to us at any time. These data can include:

• Your computer IP address

• Type of browses

• The previous website that you accessed before you visit ours.

• Other pages in the Transaction Board thet you accessed

• Time to collect and analyse as well as evaluate so that we can improve our website and services and products that we offer.

Thông tin này được thu thập để phân tích và đánh giá để giúp chúng tôi cải tiến trang web của chúng tôi cũng như các dịch vụ và sản phẩm mà chúng tôi cung cấp.

Cookies are small documents file (often include characters and numbers) which is installed in browses memory or your device when you browse the site or see the messages. They allow us to identify the types of devic or specific browses and help us to personalize the content in order to match with the customers’preferences faster and for our Services and Website to become more convenient ang helpful to customers.

You can manage or delete cookies through browsers or install your devices. To be better informed, please visit your browser/device’s support documents.

Web bacon is small graphics that can be used in our services and transaction board. They allow us to count the viewers of this site so that we can understand more deeply about your interests.

Do not send spams, spy software or Virus

Spam, Spy software or virus are nor allowed on the Transaction Board. Install and maintain your priority annoucement so as for us to send the contact data to you according to your preferences. You are not allowed to give permission or let other users (even the person who used to buy an item from you) to approach your email list (email or mail) without their clear agreement. Customers are not allowed to send any messages that contain spams, spy softwares or viruses through the Transaction Board. If customers want to report any doubted message, please contact us via the mentioned contact information.

Change the Policy of Information Securety

Phaata will consider the fulliness of this policy regularly. We have the rights to change or modify this policy at any time. All changes to this policy will be annouced on the Transaction Board.

The rights of Phaata

Customers accept and admit that Phaata has the right to announce your personal information to any legal enterprises, the authorities, the goverment, tax companies, legislation entities , any other entities or any relevant authorized owners if Phaata has the reasonable foundation to believe that your personal information is necessary for meeting any requirements, demand or consensus, regardless of optional or compulsory, as a result of the request of investigation. In the range of law, customers accept not to do anything and/ or deny any rights to be against Phata , which is related to annoucing the personal information, in all cases.

Contact Phaata

If Customers want to recall your permission to use your personal information, require changes to your Access and/ or modify your personal information. If you have any enquiries, comments or concerns, or needs of technical support or cookies, please contact us (and our experts) via

This Policy starts to take effect from 01 January, 2020