Phaata.com and suppliers/forwarders are responsible for receiving complaints and support shippers transaction-related issues at Phaata.com. When disputes arise, PHAATA upholds negotiated solution for all parties in order to maintain members’ reliability in Phaata.com services quality by following these steps:

Step 1: Shippers dispute about suppliers’/forwarders’ services via cs@phaata.com, shippers could directly reflect to the administration.

Step 2: Phaata.com’s Call Center will take over shippers’ complaints, PHAATA will take specific measures to support the owner depending on the nature and extent of the complaints. Call Center solves fast and responses in 07 working days, based on the company policies.

Step 3: If the complaints go beyond and competence of Phaata.com, then comes the Administration asks shippers bring those to competent authorities to solve under the law of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


1.            All complaints don’t meet these conditions below will be locked:

•             Whom are already the member of Phaata.com

•             The complaint(s) in the connection with the person’s post on Phaata.com

•             Specified proof

•             Offensive language, swear words are prohibited

2.            Clear and specific proof must be given, parallel with:

•             The person’s account

•             Related links

Phaata.com respects and follows the Customer Protection of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All members who publish their works on Phaata.com are requested to provide accurate, honest and detailed information that related to the services. All acts of fraud, fraud in business are condemned and must bear full responsibility under the law.

All parties include suppliers/forwarders and shippers are responsible for solving problems actively. Forwarders need to provide documents to prove the right of information that related to things causing contradictions for shippers. Phaata.com provides forwarders/shippers-related information if requested.

Both Suppliers/forwarders and shippers are required to report to Phaata.com’s Administration when the dispute is solved. In case of the mistakes/errors/faults are taken by the forwarders, they will be warned, account locked, or the case(s) even be sent to competent authorities. Unilateral termination and banning method will be used, posts of that supplier/forwarder will be all removed on Phaata.com and that supplier/forwarder have to refund an acceptable amount of fee which being under the user agreement policy.

If the conflict(s) are not resolved through the form of agreement between the parties, each party has the right to ask component authorities in order to ensure legal rights and benefits for all parties, especially the users.

Send your dispute(s) to:


Address: C1 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Phone number: +84 08 9669 8366 / +84 08 9667 9338

Email: cs@phaata.com