COSCO SHIPPING established a new warehouse in Los Angeles, USA


COSCO SHIPPING said this expansion of its global warehouse network is an important step to enhance its ability to meet the growing logistics needs of cross-border business and establish a comprehensive logistics solution suitable for customers. cross-border e-commerce goods.

Spanning approximately 16,500 square meters, this new warehouse is located in the Greater Los Angeles area, just 60 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Airport. The highly efficient warehouse can be unloaded and loaded within 48 hours, with 95% of goods dispatched within the first 24 hours and 98% of goods dispatched within 48 hours.

The warehouse offers a variety of services, including dropshipping, medium and large freight shipping, end-to-end truck dispatching, and comprehensive warehouse operations.

Implementing modern OMS/WMS systems will enhance the EDI process, supported by comprehensive information technology systems in operations and maintenance ensuring stable operations and fully intuitive management. This allows customers to access real-time freight operations and effectively manage various operational challenges.


Source: (According to ContainerNews) - Vietnam's First International Logistics Marketplace

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