COSCO SHIPPING launches combined rail-sea transportation service “Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam

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COSCO SHIPPING and JMC launch combined rail and sea freight service "Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam" to help SMEs reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve market competitiveness.

COSCO SHIPPING and JMC launch rail-sea service Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam

COSCO SHIPPING and JMC launch rail-sea service "Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam" (Photo: COSCO Shipping)


With the implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) along with the customer-centric philosophy to align with the RCEP and facilitate the development of a new trade corridor in the West, COSCO SHIPPING has launched a dedicated rail and sea freight service “Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam” and “Guiyang-Qinzhou”.

This new service aims to build unimpeded industrial and supply chains, helping SMEs reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness in the market,and contribute to the stability of foreign trade exports.

The dedicated trains of the “Nanchang-Qinzhou-Vietnam” service co-operated by COSCO SHIPPING and JMC departed from Nanchang International Land Port on June 13 and arrived at Qinzhou Port scheduled for June 16. The goods will then be shipped to the Vietnamese port of Hai Phong within two days by sea.

This is the first dedicated train inaugurated by COSCO SHIPPING in Jiangxi province for the new commercial corridor in the west combining rail-sea. This is also another innovation step that COSCO SHIPPING Lines Wuhan has taken to align with RCEP, ensure unimpeded logistics chains, stabilize foreign trade and serve large enterprises in Jiangxi province.


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Source: Phaata.com (According to COSCO Shipping)

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