Tàu container của Hãng tàu HMM

Tàu container của Hãng tàu HMM (Ảnh: HMM)

HMM, a major South Korean shipping line, has announced the expansion of its Intra-Asia Cross Network (ICN) container service, which was launched in May 2023.

Starting on October 9, 2023, HMM's revamped ICN service will offer a convenient shortcut, seven-day route from Busan, South Korea to Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia.

HMM will deploy six 1,700 TEU container ships on the ICN service, which will operate as a pendulum service, with "string 1" covering Vietnam and Thailand and "string 2" covering Indonesia.

The ICN service cross-operates in two routes:

String 1: Busan (South Korea) - Shanghai (China) - Ningbo (China) - Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - Laem Chabang (Thailand) - Incheon (South Korea) - Qingdao (China) - Busan (South Korea)

String 2: Incheon (South Korea) - Qingdao (China) - Busan (South Korea) - Jakarta (Indonesia) - Surabaya (Indonesia) - Busan (South Korea) - Shanghai (China) - Ningbo (China)

An HMM official commented, "Our renewed ICN service aims to extend our reach to Indonesia, one of our primary markets. We expect to provide our customers with increased connectivity and better operational agility within and beyond the region."

At the same time, HMM will also expand the port coverage of its Tianjin To Philippines (TTP) service as of October 10, 2023, adding the three North China ports of Dalian, Tianjin, and Ningbo.

The port rotation of the TTP service will be as follows: Busan (South Korea) – Dalian (China) – Tianjin (China) – Qingdao (China) – Busan  (South Korea) – Shanghai (China) – Ningbo (China) – Kaohsiung (Taiwan, China) – Manila (Philippines) – Busan (South Korea).


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