Jebel Ali Port - Dubai

Jebel Ali Port / Dubai (Source: Nemanja Seslija ITP)


Alphaliner reports that the Middle East's largest container port, Dubai/Jebel Ali, has returned to the top 10 global container ports, surpassing Europe's largest port and showing the scale of the economic downturn in Europe.

Jebel Ali handled 14.47 million TEUs in 2023, up from 13.97 million TEUs in 2022, helping the UAE port return to the top 10 after falling in 2019. The rise of Jebel Ali port also knocked out Hong Kong port is weakening from the top 10 list, when container throughput through this port decreased by 14% over the same period last year, to 14.34 million TEU.

Hong Kong has had its seventh consecutive year of declining output and has now lost a third of its container ship traffic over the past decade.

Rotterdam was ahead of Dubai in 2019, but fell 7% in container volumes in 2023, handling 13.45 million TEUs, recording a second consecutive year of decline. Due to sanctions, Dutch ports were affected by the loss of almost all Russian goods, and the economic downturn in Europe meant that European consumer demand shrank significantly. Volumes are now 9% below 2019 levels.

China's ports recorded another year of strong growth, with Qingdao recording the highest growth of any major gateway worldwide. The port handled about 30 million TEUs in 2023 (December 2023 figures estimated following a change in China reporting rules) and is now competing with Shenzhen, which handled 29.9 million TEU, to gain the position of the fourth largest container port in the world.

“Chinese growth is not expected to be as robust in 2024, with Western demand weakening in the fourth quarter, although exports to Russia remain strong. Nevertheless, China’s grip on the global market tightened in 2023, comprising more than half (51%) of the top 30 market throughput versus 49% in 2022. Overall, the top 30 ports recorded average growth of 1.7% during the year, an improvement in 2022.”


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Source: (According to ContainerNews) - Vietnam's First International Logistics Marketplace

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