Container ship MSC passes through the Panama Canal

A container ship of MSC passing through the Panama Canal (Photo: Tradewinds)


MSC shipping line has just announced that it will apply the Panama Canal Surcharge (PCS) at 297 USD/container for cargo from Asia to the Caribbean transiting through the Panama Canal.

The new surcharge will take effect from December 15, 2023.

"During the second quarter of 2023, the Panama Canal Authority decided to reduce the draft from 14.94 to 13.41. Despite several measures to conserve water taken over the last months, the lack of precipitation in the area is affecting the water level of the Panama Canal. Consequently, the Panama Canal Authority has recently confirmed further restrictions regarding the number of vessels crossing the canal," MSC said in a statement.

Shipping line MSC noted that these restrictions, combined with increased canal tolls implemented earlier this year, are having a direct impact on its overall operating costs.


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Source: (According to MSC) - Vietnam's First International Logistics Marketplace

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